Abhijit Govindrao Wanjarri
Secretary's Message

From the Secretary's Desk

Secretary’s Message
Since its inception the institution has constantly strived to improve its operational efficiency, expand its reach, usher in the latest technological and pedagogical devices, sharpen the research tendencies of the students, and provide them an exposure into the outside world. Learning has been synchronized with various seminars, projects, visits and competitions which foster easy acquisition of different skills. The college has achieved phenomenal success in not just providing degrees to the students, but by conducting such programs it has enabled them to attain life skills which would procure to the moulding of their careers and characters.

Setting benchmarks by amalgamating technology and tradition the college will continue to focus on imparting value orientation and life skills to the students to face global challenges. This will be fostered with the help of digital class rooms, state-of-the-art research laboratories and hi-tech library. Conglomeration of latest ultra modern technology in teaching and research with infusion of values would surely equip the students to be excellent professionals and dutiful citizens of tomorrow.